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track of the week: sebastian tellier & mr. oizo – chivers as a female

Posted in music with tags , , , on July 14, 2009 by MonsoonSeason

of course I’d be late with the track of the week

anyhow, this is off of the STEAK soundtrack, which is a french film made by mr. oizo.  apparently the movie is not very good–some high school thing about two misfits trying to join a highly elite social group.  but whatevs, this track is some deft vocal dance-pop jamboree, made hard by oizo and sexy by tellier.  enjoy~

oh yeah and I’ll go to a concert or something eventually, I’ve just been really busy that’s all, get off my back


track of the week: felix da housecat – do not try this at home

Posted in music with tags , on July 4, 2009 by MonsoonSeason

hey y’all, new weekly feature.

every saturday from now on I’ll be posting the nox5 track of the week.  feel free to download it using the internet!

this week is “do not try this at home” from felix da housecat.  he’s got a new lp dropping in august and it’s kinda got an electroclash feel.  what’s the deal with all of these electroclash artists coming back?  peaches, fischerspooner, miss kittin & the hacker, chicks on speed… it’s getting out of control.  I mean, not that I mind, I think that the electroclash thing was cool, but it was before I was COOL AS FUCK, so I’m glad that I get to experience it in my twenties, but seriously.. what are the haps man

anyways this song isn’t like the rest of the album whatsoever, and it’s one of the better songs I’ve heard about killing yourself.  go get it here

I’m working on a concert post, and that’ll be up… eventually :/