Cool Sneaks

This is my first time appearing on this blog … so hello readers!

sneaker pimps:  the cool kids, WALE, jadakiss, big boi @ terminal 5, june 26

This past weekend I made the trek to Terminal 5 in Manhattan for the Sneaker Pimps 2009 tour. This mishmash event included sneakers (of course), live art, videogames, clothing vendors, skateboarding demos, and last but certainly not least … live music. There were multiple dj’s spinning round and round as event goers piled into the massive three story Terminal 5. Doors opened around 8ish and the dj’s had a nice run until around 11 pm. A bit tiring considering WALE was waiting in the midst and The Cool Kids to follow (not to mention Jadakiss and Big Boi rounding out the event). Terminal 5 has a great soundsystem that is easily heard throughout all three levels of this warehouse turned music venue.

The wait was tiring and WALE wasn’t what I expected. The guy has rhymes but when he picks a fight with a member of the crowd (who paid 30+ to see him) is a little unprofessional. I mean the guy is barely known throughout the country and he picks fights with paying listeners/POTENTIAL fans. Not the smartest choice Mr. WALE.

On the bright side of my terminal experience, The Cool Kids. Not only was the show rocking completely but they were the only group out of this whole show to do an audience meet ‘n greet right of the stage. I, being the huge Cool Kids fan just had to meet Chuck Inglish and Mickey Rocks. Not only did I get autographs but they actually took time to pose for pictures and chat for a bit. The only depressing thing about it was there was no one around. I was in line with twenty people. Twenty people for a sold out show at Terminal 5. Come on. If you aren’t familiar with this duo please, please, please for the sake of hip-hop get familiarized. Their performance was one hip-hop show I will never forget. No posse, no girls dancing, and no chains flyin. This was two dudes and a dj. That’s it. With fresh beats and the lyrics to match. It was a perfect fit to the Zoo York skate demo getting after it on a mini ramp fenced in directly behind the performers.

I am liking the hip-hop and skate culture mix. It has been around but to see it happen live is an experience anyone who enjoys either should check out. Speaking of mixes…one thing that did throw me off were people in the crowds. The scene was an eclectic group of hipsters, frat boys, gang bangers, hippies, skaters, and everything else in between. This was not a bad thing…just something I wasn’t expecting to see, but hey its NYC anything goes. Right?

After The Cool Kids I had decided to call it a night. It was late and the SneakerPimps people weren’t running a tight ship. In fact Jadakiss was spotted waiting to come on while Mickey Rocks introduced the last song. Jada didn’t look thrilled and I could only imagine how Big Boi felt.

All in all Terminal 5 gets mad props from me for housing the SneakerPimps unorganized mess. I totally recommend the place…full bar (beer and mixes start at $7), usually cheap depending on the act, three levels of ample room to chill, chat, walk, or party (whichever you prefer). For the SneakerPimps, it was a good effort but I have seen better organization in 4th grade classrooms. So take that or leave it.



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