drop yr pants

the bears of blue river, clambiner @ doc’s music hall, january 6

let’s preface by recognizing that I’ve seen the bears about six times and I still have no idea as the the words or song titles of any other their songs (save for the new one, more on that later).

this is the problem with being friends with people in a band–you slowly grow to not appreciate them as artists, but just as your friends who are going to play a couple songs and entertain you.  I couldn’t name you one song from the impetuous impregnables, some other guys that I’m friends with.  it just doesn’t seem so urgent; that feeling that you might not see these people for a long time, so you have to soak up every moment, that feeling is absent.  it’s important that they’re playing, but at the moment, it just seems like any other time you would meet these people.  so, a bears of blue river show is like going to the movie, or a book club meeting, but with $1 you-call-its.

so, roll into doc’s around 10, nothing has started, everybody is drinking, typical doc’s.  the bears are on stage, tuning their myriad of equipment.

oh god I forgot not everybody knows about the bears of blue river.  they’re a twee orchestra with a folksy bend.  lots of harmonizing and there’s a toy piano in there and songs about growing up and dealing with stuff.  it primarily serves as musical outlet for gavin wilkinson (which may or may not be true I will admit), who apparently writes all of the songs?  I have not asked about this due to being an impolite conversation piece.  while the roster is constantly changing, the permanent set members tend to be gavin, joey patrick sholes (got it right this time), justin spring, and jeremy bauer.

but what makes this an august occasion is that the bears have added two TWO new members, both of which I don’t know the names of.  there was a girl, who sat by the other girl (time to figure out names), and mostly sang, and then gavin’s new roommate, who stood next to jeremy and did some claps and sang.

this is how bears works:  if you want to be in the band, hang out enough, and you’re good to go.  it’s interesting, since I’m not really used to collectivism being a core concept in bands.  I usually think of bands being 3-5 people who like each other enough to pool together and make a personal sound, which would mean they have to not bring in people whenever.

regardless that is how bears works and it is not my place to make assumptions.  you know what happens when we make assumptions.

so, they got up and running, playing through another lively set.  my friend jayson commented that they’re getting better with each set, and I tend to agree.  they’re getting more comfortable with being on stage (not so much gavin, who has pre-bears experience via this story, nor joey p, who came from arrah and the ferns), more comfortable with the crammed band dynamic.  plus, as jayson said, they’ve played these same songs about 80 billion times so they’re bound to start getting better.

a lively, if mostly seated show.  joey seemed to play a horn part with his guitar, which was kind of disorienting at first, but later was neat.  the new song is called “bacon and legs,” gavin informed the audience with a wry grin.  and I’m not really sure of what the joke was there, but I still smiled.  after all, they’re just some friends on stage, messing around.

following the bears was clambiner, who we didn’t know, nor knew what the expect:

TJ:  I think the drummer said he was in a metal band a couple weeks ago
gavin’s roommate, the new guy in bears (sorry dude):  they do kind of a rap thing
gavin:  they’re hilarious, if you don’t take them seriously.
nox5:  please god please don’t let this band jam please

all of these things came true!  except the metal thing, which I’m okay with.

clambiner consists of three people:  clam, biner, and biner, assuming the two biners are brothers.  the brothers biner.  ha!  clam had a gigantic mane of red hair, billowing from a skull cap which had slits on either side.  big biner had long hair pulled back in a pony tail and constantly smoked, while small biner, looking wildly out of place, was well groomed and unbelievably sweet looking, all smiling goofily at the other members, just having a good time.  I kept looking at small biner, trying to guess an age, a motivation.  all I know is that kid was killing it on keys.

the first song was a tiny rap explosion called “dance dance,” which holds the lyrics “dance dance, drop your pants / bend over baby I ain’t looking for romance.”  then clam did a rap about how he will kill you, I think.  I was too busy laughing to really pay attention, because yes it was ridiculous, but the beats were also really well made, and it’s interesting they put this much work into a joke.  it seemed only fair to laugh along with them.

then they played a daniel johnston cover, which was sort of unbelievable.  and a stones cover, and a ween cover, and then it all made sense.  of course they would do a ween cover.  fans of free exploration and genre dysphoria unite under the common banner of ween covers.  not saying this is bad!  each cover was pulled off with efficiency and warmth.

they ended with two more rap songs, which showed most of the crowd to the dance floor.  even if they weren’t seriously busting it out, talking about booty shaking and body dropping, it didn’t matter.  we were into it.

on a side not I was not into that dude’s hat, with the slits, it made me uncomfortable for some reason

the bears of blue river’s myspace
clambiner’s myspace


2 Responses to “drop yr pants”

  1. clambiner was fucking retarded lmao

    maybe if i smoked ot 24/7 i would make music like that too.

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