ring in the new year with justice

oh would you look at that a post

justice (DJ set) @ congress theatre, december 31/january 1

to close out 2008, I figured that the best idea would be to drive to chicago with my friend TJ and watch justice DJ with a 1000 other kids.  I should also mention that I’m currently in indiana, which I’m not okay with, but it makes the drive to chicago seem more plausible.  but we went, and it was a very, very good idea.

except for all things concerning money.  things not okay by my standards where money is concerned:

ticket to see people DJ, not live sets:  65
average price of mixed drink at congress:  10
me decking a dude who I thought was going for my wallet:  priceless (this will be explained)

but first, music.  we arrived at 10p, which we learned was a mistake, considering peanut butter wolf had already launched into his set by then.  we stood in the front lobby, in line for coat check, where the glamour (and two other guys, not sure who they were) was playing a pretty dance-oriented set.  two things of note–just hanging out in the front lobby were about 150-200 people, dancing and having fun, which was pretty shocking, considering that it was just a lobby and not the venue proper.  the other thing is that there was zero crossover from the main stage and the lobby, which is an interested architectural feat considering the connecting path to the main stage was just an open hallway.

so, coatless and double fisted with mixed drinks (it was ill-advised to wait in line again for alcohol), we entered the main stage area, where so-me was starting his set.  so-me played a more varied set than the glamour.. which I didn’t know if I was expecting or not expecting, since I had never heard so-me?  I kinda thought he just made t-shirts and videos.  upon inspection of iTunes library, it is revealed that I have heard but one song by so-me, which was “decalomania” off of the ed banger 3 comp, so I had nothing to go on.  but he played electro and pop and rap and it was kind of in a direct line leading towards justice’s set, who took the stage seconds after midnight.  confetti fell on our heads and crosses were lit.

the first song of the new year happened to be “Also Sprach Zarathustra,” which just so happened to be the most epic thing to ring in the new year, so kudos justice.  this was quickly mixed into some electro, some other stuff.  I’m going to be honest, I usually try and catch who played what and in what order, but if I did that, I’d be missing the point of this show.  I had already lost TJ.  my drinks were gone, the cups, scattered.  I just made out with a girl whose name I didn’t even know.  time now for crazy dance party; crazy, sweaty, stupid, even mindless dancing for two whole hours.

well, almost two hours.  about an hour and fifteen in, I accidentally started a fight?  see, there was this dude rubbing up ons, which I expected because it was a gigantic dance party and there was bound to be unintentional and intentional homosensuality, but he kept going for my ass, which was uncomfortable.  but when I looked back at this guy, he looked really sketch–all dropped ball cap and sunglasses and dirty oakland raiders jacket.  so then my mind started racing; what if this man is a thief, and this is his playground?  I have already spent so much money, how will I get home if I have no more money, oh god my parking ticket in south bend is in that wallet, I won’t be able to get my car out, and TJ didn’t have a lot of money, oh crap TJ where are you, and then he went for my ass again so I turned around and hit him in the face.

the guy fell back, more out of shock then being knocked out, and he also knocked over this shorter girl in a blue dress.  and then I don’t know what happened because by then I had definitely split.  coward move, but I didn’t want to be thrown out because TJ didn’t have a phone and I didn’t have a coat.

so, if you’re the guy I hit in the face, or the girl that got knocked over, I’m really sorry, it shouldn’t have happened, but I was dealing with some serious anxiety things and I’m sorry.

anyhow, I spent the next 15-20 minutes chilling in a dark corner of the congress, feeling bad about decking some guy and taking pictures.  then a girl came over and picked me up like this:

girl:  what are you doing?
nox5:  just taking a break.
girl:  come dance!  *picks me up*
nox5:  yes okay
*some dancing*
nox5:  I just hit a guy in the face
girl:  hahaha awesome

so we danced until 2, which is when the set ended, and we kissed goodbye (a polite kiss, that-was-fun,-the-dancing kiss, not a makeout kiss) and I frantically looked for TJ, who it had just occurred to me for the second time that he was missing.  but I found him in the exit so it was okay.  the last song was “we are your friends,” which seemed ironic and contradictory, but simultaneously, a great end to a great night.

the next day, lots of stores were closed and I bought a CD off of one of the guys from russian circles outside of quimby’s.  they’re pretty good, but it’s kinda metal (I am not sure whether or not they would say this about themselves), which I’m not so much about, but hey it’s their life and they can choose to be metal if that is their desire

the glamour myspace
so-me myspace 
justice myspace 
russian circles myspace


3 Responses to “ring in the new year with justice”

  1. hahahaha okay so i was googling stuff from the show and i found this. It is so ironic because I was with a guy named TJ and we came from South Bend too! I felt like I had wrote this whole thing. Minus the fact that I didnt knock a guy out…. but i did push this guy that was about to pass out on me into like a group of people which caused a huggge fight. Let me know if you find any photos or video from that night. Ive been looking for some photographers website that took a bunch of pictures of me and my boyfriend upstairs. He said he was from the chicago star but i have no idea what that could bee.

  2. oh wow, that is pretty odd. maybe a lot of people from south bend brought TJs to justice?

    also I’ve never heard of the chicago star either so maybe that guy was just being creepy

    also also: photos are now up on flickr, the very few that came out clear enough to post

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