I owe ted leo one dollar

ted leo:  we only have til 8:30, so we’re just going to do the encore now.
nox5:  woo!  yeah ted leo!
ted leo:  something something something
nox5:  ‘timorous me’!
ted leo:  but yeah, here’s a few more…
nox5:  I will pay you one dollar if you play ‘timorous me’–final offer!
ted leo:  so yeah, ‘timorous me’.



from:  NMaloneyIII@gmail.com
to:  info@tedleo.com
subject:  I believe I owe you a dollar.

hey Ted,

thanks for playing castle clinton on thursday.  your set was powerful and fun, even if a lot of people in the wings weren’t dancing.  forget those guys, they’re no fun.

anyhow, when you came out for the encore portion, I shouted that I would mail you one dollar if you played ‘timorous me’, whereupon you did so.  I was ecstatic and it was, of course, fantastic.  but I am a man of my word!  may I please mail you one dollar bill?


Nolan Maloney


I have yet to hear back, but when I do, it shall be posted here.

ted leo and the pharmacists @ castle clinton, july 17

anyhow, Ted and the ol’ RX played an exciting show on thursday, to the delight of many kids and the not delight of many old folks.  he was the first show I’ve seen at castle clinton where the majority of the crowd was standing up at the request of mr. leo.  most of the audience was having a good time, jumping about, but there was an enclave of hipsters and old folks on the wings that were seated, arms crossed, disapproving of the standing crowd’s raucousness.  shame on them for not expecting it from punk rockers.

a quick aside about the sound set-up at castle clinton.  it’s refreshing to find that the best sound techs in new york are the ones actually hired by new york, rather than just some mediocre speech sound techs.  these people truly understand and appreciate sound, so it’s always great to go to a river to river show.  it’s perfect quality, and it makes me wish I had seen the avett brothers all the more.

the set was ‘shake the sheets’ heavy, playing at least seven songs from the album.  the other heavy was, obviously, ‘living with the living,’ with a few hits from ‘tyranny of distance’ and ‘hearts of oak.’  the band, as usual, was lively but slightly unapproachable, with ted still being the smiling face of the outit.  this works in their favor, however, as it allows ted’s voice to shine to the forefront and for his messages to be of largest prominence.

not sure what his cover was in the encore, however–sounded like misfits?  oh well.



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  1. bonedaddy Says:

    hey where are your updates

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