welcome to the apple store, neo-soul

gnarls barkley @ soho apple store, june 10

gnarls barkley popped into the soho apple store to do a quick, stripped-down five song set, meaning only cee-lo, dangermouse, and a guitarist were on hand.  they played “going on,” “run (I’m a natural disaster),” “who’s gonna save my soul,” “a little better,” and a slowed-down version of “crazy,” roughly in that order.  the only song the crowd seemed to recognize was “crazy;” not without merit, mind you, because the slowed-down version is just epic in scale.

I was stuck somewhere in the back, so I couldn’t really see what was going on.  however, they did mention themselves by color, and I could see cee-lo had on a suit, so I can infer they were doing a reservoir dogs theme.  by standing on tip-toes, I noted that the guitarist was constantly rocking out and that cee-lo has the biggest mouth I have ever seen on a man.

the stripped-down versions of their songs lacked the immediacy and tension of the larger orchestral set, but allowed for cee-lo’s magnificently strong vocals to resonate over the tracks like clouds above the sea.  dangermouse seemed to throw on a drum track record and play a organ, while the guitarist occasionally sheathed the axe to throw down a wurlitzer track.  but the focal point of the piece was definitely cee-lo, as it has always been in the two LP history of gnarls barkley.

no pictures, sadly, because it went down right after work and I didn’t bring my camera–I should start keeping it handy, and I hereby resolve to do so:

I resolve to bring my camera wherever I should roam.


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