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mcsweeney’s 26 is not a huge crock of shit but it has its moments

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that’s the short review, long one to follow

first things first:  at the beginning of april, I won ten thousand dollars in the form of the letterman scholarship.  so I’ve been busy freaking out and also working on all the schoolwork I put off in order to film the winning entry.  you are allowed to watch it on the internet, or at my house, but the internet is usually closer (pro-tip:  you’re there now!).  the name of the video is “Unbeatable: The Making of ‘Winning the Scholarship'”:

adoption. is also on the youtube page, but it’s not very good.  actually, it’s pretty good, but not as pretty good as Unbeatable.

okay music time:

i love the bloody beetroots

they’re an italian electro band that sounds a lot like a french electro band.  this is a smart track–nice and buzzy, but not necessarily an annoying, overbearing rock focused track.  the vocals are really odd, too.  it just sounds like a black dude talking behind the song, and occasionally a squirrel pipes in to say hello.

okay so about mcsweeney’s:  a lot of the stories are very strong, but some are lacking the crucial element of relevance.  I’m looking specifically at porcus omnivorous, which reads much like a historical account of a serbian family.  it’s interesting, but not necessarily memorable; like a really delicious piece of toast:  “how did this toast get so delicious?  is it the bread?  it must be the bread.  whatever, it’s just toast, on with my day.”  

another particularly pointless story is the one that kicks off the ‘overseas’ booklet (mcsweeney’s 26 comes in three books: overseas, stories from our shore, and informative hardback text on countries which we should invade next ie: greatest threats, which I’m still not sure if it is supposed to be taken seriously), Black Shaman, is a magical realist story about a lesbian shaman resurrecting a Kazhak guy, who then both get killed by redneck truckers.  I was just waiting, rapt in anticipation, for the story to come to order.  I like the idea of ghosts coming back to life, but it didn’t seem like the author had ever been to Kazhakistan; which I realize is fallacy, because the author is FROM Kazhakistan, but perhaps that explains why I take issue with the story.

but the good stories were great!  there’s a great one about pikeys; Joe in Spain; Sleep.  all very interesting.

it has recently occurred to me that gawker does not like mcsweeney’s very much, more to point dave eggers.

okay on your way