okay so quick bio:

full name: Nolan Robert Maloney

DOB: 06/14/1986

birthtown: Dayton, OH

school(s) attended: Kingsway Christian Church (K-4); Pine Tree Elementary (4-5); Avon Middle School (6-8); Avon High School; Ball State University (9-12)

majors: English (creative writing); telecommunications (production)
minors: Japanese

favorite color: brown

favorite accent: either British or Austrian/German

Fallout trait most applicable to me: great question. they’re different in context, I guess
socially speaking?: Smooth Talker, definitely
physically speaking?: either Action Boy or More Criticals

hobbies: writing, making short films, making beats, reading, playing video games, traveling by train or car
no plane?: well, sometimes plane.

musical preference: that’s impossible. every genre is listenable.
what a cop out: no, it isn’t. tell me what music you prefer.
I like bluegrass.: bluegrass? hm. do you like all bluegrass.
no, of course not.: see! see!
okay shut up give me your top 5 or so: 1. Pixies; 2. Final Fantasy (the violinist not the game music); 3. Xiu Xiu; 4. Daft Punk; 5. The Kinks

top 5 movies: 1. Fight Club; 2. I <3> Huckabees; 3. Melvin Goes to Dinner; 4. Tekkonkinkreet; 5. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

I also come bearing fruit:


this is the reason I created a blog: The Human League’s “The Things That Dreams Are Made Of.” not only is it completely indicative of the 80s, it also represents a seachange of ideas that carried over from the drab “disco-is-dead” late 70s. it points out that dreams are simply “fun and money and food and love / the things you never thought of.” we could be living dreams–who knows?

plus it’s catchy. check out that saw in the chorus and tell me that The Human League didn’t influence Justice.

okay that’s it for now


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